Where to stay in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a Central American country. Located between Panama to the south and Nicaragua to the north, Costa Rica is known and recognized worldwide as “one of the last natural paradises”, with 20 parks and nature reserves, magnificent beaches, lush nature and exceptional landscapes. The richness of its fauna and flora rarely leaves anyone indifferent. It should be noted that 10% of the world’s butterflies live in Costa Rica. It is the ideal destination for nature lovers and lovers of beautiful landscapes.

Are you planning to go to Costa Rica very soon and you don’t know where to stay yet? Here is a small non-exhaustive list of the types of accommodation in Costa Rica.

Guest room or “Guesthouse”

By definition “le Guesthouse is a dwelling whose rooms are arranged to accommodate people looking for a place to eat and sleep, while interacting with the owners in their daily lives.” During your stay in Costa Rica, why not opt for this type of accommodation for a total immersion in the daily life of the premises. In addition, you should know that Guesthouses are becoming more and more common in Costa Rica. With the Guesthouse, the inhabitants ensure the reception of their customers.

Apartment in Costa Rica

The apartment is a good solution for students who want independence and freedom. This type of accommodation will allow you to talk with people from different countries. Great meetings to improve your communication skills. Apartments in Costa Rica are generally well equipped with kitchens and bathrooms. Single or double rooms, by sharing the rent with 2 or 3 other students, you can save a little money. Please note that the apartments are often within walking distance of bus stops, cafés, bars, shops and restaurants.

Accommodation in cabinas

Cabinas are small family hotels with 4 to 10 rooms. During your stay in Costa Rica, if you are looking for local accommodation, opt for cabinas. Once there, you will be welcomed! A very simple, warm and friendly welcome awaits you. Generally, the room is single, often with free Internet, free access to the kitchen, breakfast in the morning included in the price and a private bathroom. However, today you will find a little of everything in the term cabinas, from a very affordable price to exorbitant and unjustified prices.

Residential accommodation

Accommodation with local residents is a fairly common option and is increasingly appealing to tourists looking for an authentic and unforgettable stay in Costa Rica. Indeed, the country is best known for the hospitality of its premises. Daily contact with the inhabitants will allow you to learn more about the habits and everyday life of Costa Ricans. This type of accommodation will also allow you to learn more about local customs and traditions. As an indication, Costa Ricans generally go to bed early in the evening.